It was quite an experience for a newbie like me to encounter the work of constructing stuff (the pissoir). When I first touched the constructing tools, I feel like ewwww-that’s weird, but I somehow managed to deal with it with the help and explanation from Alex, the internship guy from Australia. Well, I could say that Alex is quite a professional in this kind of work, and I really admire him for the huge contribution of his toward the creation of our pissoir.

Let me tell you how I experienced the use of new constructing tools. First, it was about the electric saw. Well, this thing looks extremely dangerous to me, and I feel like why on earth should risk myself using it. But things changed as I saw everyone else was ok with it, so I thought maybe I should try and stopped being childish. The first time I tried cutting the bamboo, it was like, ahhhhhh, I’m not gonna make it, but thing just went on till I successfully went through it. But the piece of bamboo had a strange shape as the result. However, the second, the third, the fourth… cut brought the good quality one, lolz.

The other new tool that I used was hand-drill. It was like a gun to me, and I was eager to try it. Well, it’s not as a simple tool as I thought because as soon as I started to drill, I failed and destroyed the bit. The reason for this failure was because I didn’t use up enough strength to push. Consequently, I had to go to the market to buy the drill-bit of this hand-drill that I broke. Haha, believe me! Do not look down on the stuff we’ve never done or you’ll not satisfy with the outcome.

Urban Wetland Design Internship Member,

Chea Puthea


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