By Keithya

Since the pissoir is basically built out of wood, timber is probably the main component needed to construct the whole structure. Having the right pieces of timbers with certain and precise measurements is very necessary for the construction to go according to plan. One of my responsibilities was to find a lumber shop and help Irina and Alex negotiating the prices. This task is quite new to me since I have very limited knowledge about timber, especially the diversity of its measurements and types. Alex and I was assigned to go finding lumber shop, and fortunately, it didn’t take us very long to find one. We first rode a moto on Norodom Boulevard as we left the Fisheries Administration and then we made a left turn and continued until we reached Monivong Boulevard. We thought there would be many lumber shops along the road, yet there were only shops that sell furnitures; there wasn’t any shop that sells raw pieces of timber. Thus, we kept riding along Monivong until we arrived at the intersection between Monivong and Street 271. As we made a turn and rode on St. 271, not for long, we found one lumber shop that sells many kinds and pieces of timber.

On that first day, Alex spent more than an hour looking for the right pieces before deciding to go to the prices. Honestly, I really had no ideas and thoughts to share with him on the what kind and size we should choose. Since most of the timber come in long and solid pieces, we asked the owner and their staff to cut them into smaller pieces for us and fortunately, it was for free.

The next day, Irina and Alex both came and decided to choose that place and started negotiating the prices. Surprisingly, the negotiation was much faster and easier than i thought. The guy jotted down all the prices of the woods into a list and showed us the total price.

Receipt from the timber store. Dimensions and prices of all pieces are listed.

Keithya and Alex, pleased with the final selection of Timber. Note: Alex does not have two heads; you are seeing the result of Irina’s amateur photography

The total price was around 240 bucks; It seems quite expensive, yet reasonable. However, we still made an attempt to lower down the price, but the owner said he could get very little profits out of all the woods we ordered. Instead, he decided to give us a free-of-charge delivery service because his lumber shop is not very far from the Fisheries Administration (where the construction of the pissoir will take place). I was pleased that Alex and Irina were satisfied with both the buying and the cutting. I have to say that this is quite an interesting experience for me as I get to know a little bit more about woods in general.


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